El niño y el monstruo

-Hey, Max, estoy con un amigo que quiere saludarte
-Si, claro, dale
-Hola, que tal?
-Hola, Max, soy el amante homosexual de Laurent. Soy Lloyd Kaufman.
(respiración entrecortada y my agitada interrumpe durante milesimas de segundo la conversación)
-I met Laurent here in Berlin, and he told me you like Troma movies, ¿Do you?
-Yes, yes, I'm a big fan, I love Troma
-Great, If you shall pass one day by New York, you must come by Troma Studios and met Toxie, what do you think?
-That would be freakin' great!
-Do you make movies?
-No, yet, but I'm already planning them
-Oh, really?
-Yeah. Cindy Lauper vs. Drácula
-Wow, that sounds great!
-Take my e-mail, so I can give you tips of how to do movies that nobody wants to see
-Oh, yeah, yeah
-(E-mail de Lloyd Kaufman)
-(E-mail de Lloyd Kaufman de nuevo)
-Yes, I got it.
-Well, see you around, and come visit us at Troma studios sometime!
-I will, thanks a lot!!!
-(E-mail de Lloyd Kaufman)


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